Our vehicles offer combine classic germ fighting knowledge with the latest technology to make stinky garbage cans a thing of the past! Our vehicles output water at 180°F to instantly kill bacteria and our swirling water jets ensure that no inch of garbage can goes uncleaned.




We currently service the following zip codes: *28104, *28105, 28134, *28173, 28203, 28207, 28209, 28210, 28211, *28217, 28226, 28270, *28273, 28277, *28278, 29707, 29708, 29715, and *29720.

* = We do not serve that entire zip code area.  Please visit our cleaning schedules page to view the neighborhoods/zones that we do service.

If your neighborhood is not listed on the cleaning schedules page, please contact us for further information.

No, we have a self-contained wash system and clean them on-site!

Your containers will be cleaned the day after your garbage is picked up.
No, all we ask is that you leave your containers out until 6:00 so that we have access to them.
We will either email or call you a couple of days before your next scheduled cleaning.
No, the water is only used one time and then goes to our recovery tank.
We dispose of dirty water through the sewage system which is processed through the waste treatment facility.
We accept all major credit cards via our PayPal payment gateway on the website. If you prefer to pay in person, we accept credit cards via our mobile card readers as well as personal and business checks.
Give us a call and for a small additional charge, we’ll schedule to clean it for you on your next collection day.
If you move within our service area, your agreement will follow you to your new location.
We have service plans to meet all budgets. Please see our residential services to see all of our pricing options.
Yes you can! Please visit our residential services page for pricing.
You most certainly can! It would be a great gift for parents, elderly neighbors or even young couples with children in diapers.
No, you can use all major credit cards or your PayPal account to pay for a service from Mr. Tidy Bins. PayPal is the secure payment gateway that we have chosen to process payments. Just go to the Order Service Page, hit the “Buy Now” button for the service that you want, and then click on the “Use your credit card” link at the bottom of the page. You can also pay in person via our mobile card readers as well as personal and business check.
The first cleaning of your bins takes considerably longer and is a more water-intensive process than subsequent cleanings. We absorb the higher cost of this initial cleaning if you sign up for a service plan, but this is not possible for a one-off cleaning. Have a look at our residential services page to see which option is right for you.